2016, 20 minutes

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A family, led by their confident and caring father (Jack O’Connell), heads out on what appears to be a holiday. However it slowly becomes clear that they are in fact leaving the security and safety of a leafy suburb to cross Europe and make their way into the middle of a war zone. As they travel the father’s reassurances ring hollow as under great stress the father buckles and the mother’s (Holliday Grainger) strength takes over. Intimate and touching the film reaches for a truth through its absurd premise of reversing the refugee journey.

HOME depicts the breakdown and rebuilding of trust and love amid the horrors of war and migration. We witness the realities and trauma of being refugees as within the family, roles of leadership and bravery are passed from one parent to another.

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Post-screening Conversation Questions

  1. How does the filmmaker accomplish a re-humanisation of the refugee experience by showing the precarity of a family’s life and its sudden descent into forced exile?
  2. Director Daniel Mulloy described his film as an attempt to provoke an emotional response to a larger humanitarian crisis. Do you think this is achieved through the film?
  3. HOME is also a film about survival and human resilience. How does the film challenge binary stereotypes of refugees as either ‘victims’ or ‘threats’?
  4. Why do you think Mulloy chose to have a family – reflecting a traditional notion of safety, home and security – experiencing forced displacement.

Awards & Nominations

Best Short Film, BAFTA Film Award, 2017

Clermont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2017

Dresden Film Festival, Audience Award, 2017

24fps International Short Festival, 2016

Best European Short Film Festival, 2016

Capalbio Cinema, International Jury Award, 2016

European Film Awards, European Short Film Nomination, 2016


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