These short films explore a range of storylines allowing you to pick and choose and shape your film package, with themes like history and memory, family, exile, creativity and the power of the imagination.

Dead End

2015, 8.36 minutes

Libya’s political chaos makes its territory a land of opportunity for human smugglers. Thousands of illegal migrants end up forgotten, in one of the 19 detention centres.


2016, 20 minutes

Home depicts the breakdown and rebuilding of trust and love amid the horrors of war and migration. We witness the realities and trauma of being refugees, since within the family roles of leadership and bravery are passed from one parent to another.

Karelian Cowgirls

2008, 10.20 minutes

In 1939, at the start of the bitterly cold Winter War the Soviet Red Army invaded Finnish-Karelia forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians deep into Finland. With men at the war front and women looking after the small children, the responsibility of driving the family cattle through deep snow and hostile lands was forced upon the oldest girls. A lifetime later, Annikki, Inkeri and Hilkka look back on their adventures on a journey that coincided with their journey to adulthood – and the effect the war had on their lives.

One Precious Thing

2015, 5 minutes

Murad fled from Syria in 2012 because of the war that befell his city, Ras al-Ain. He was forced to leave his studies of civil engineering and take refuge in the city of Mardin, which lies on the Turkish-Syrian border. He saw nothing in front of him but a land full of ears of wheat. He became a simple farmer, leaving behind his dreams of engineering and his hopes of a decent life in his hometown.

The Architect

2015, 4.55 minutes

A beautiful short film, The Architect, invites us into the life of a young boy living in the city of Aleppo in Syria, witnessing the effect of war on his home-town. He rebuilds his city as a modern place, where he wishes to live and maps his dream for the future.

Twinning Towns

2015, 3.24 minutes

Born in Basra, living in Warrington, Hussein Ahmed is on a mission: can he persuade the people and council of his local town to twin themselves with the war torn city of his birth?


1927, 1 minute, UK

This poignant newsreel item captures the panic on the streets of Shanghai as Chinese citizens seek protection from Communist and Kuomintang violence behind Allied barricades. Within days of its release Chiang Kai-shek would declare martial law in the city and his Kuomintang would initiate the Shanghai Massacre, a brutal purge of Communists, including mass arrests and executions.


1915, 1 minute, UK

Having suffered endless bombardment by Austrian warplanes during WWI, many Serbians fled to the safety of British bases, where the Red Cross were on hand to provide aid to the many casualties. One third of the total pre-war Serbian population were on the move in 1915. Frontline newsreel images such as this captured and promoted the valuable work undertaken by charitable organisations.


1914, 1 minute, UK

Belgium suffered a refugee crisis when German forces invaded in August 1914, as troops and civilians fleeing Antwerp and other occupied towns poured into West Flanders. This newsreel item, shot in the coastal city of Ostend, captures something of the chaos as soldiers, civilians, horses, wagons and weaponry flood in, alongside hundreds of refugees hoping to board boats for England.