2015, 4:55 minutes

A beautiful short film, THE ARCHITECT invites us into the life of a young boy living in the city of Aleppo in Syria, witnessing the effect of war on his home-town. He rebuilds his city as a modern place, where he wishes to live and maps his dream for the future.

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Post-screening Conversation Questions

  1. The young architect witnesses his town being destroyed, how do you think that makes him feel?
  2. How is the second city model different to the first one? Why do you think that is? What has changed in the way the young boy sees and re-imagines his home city?
  3. Imagine if you were rebuilding your city – what would you change and why? What would you keep the same?
  4. What makes your home-town special to you? How do you feel in your own house, is it a safe space? How might such an experience be different for the young architect and why?


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