2017, 103mins

A former star footballer returns to his home town, but finds his political views aren’t welcome. When he is persuaded to take over coaching the struggling local footy team, his idea to recruit refugees to make up the numbers takes the community on a journey of change

DIRECTOR: Mark Grentell

PRODUCER: Anne Robinson

WRITER: Damian Callinan 

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The CinefestOZ Film Prize 2018
AACTA Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards: Nominated Award Best Lead Actress & Best Supporting Actor 2018

Casting Guild of Australia Awards (CGA) Best Casting in a Feature Film 2018
Melbourne International Film Festival:  Nominee Best Narrative Feature People’s Choice Award 2018


AACTA Festival Opening Night Film 2018

AACTA Festival Brisbane 2018

2nd Phase Theatrical Release 6th September 2018

London Migration Film Festival 2018

Global Migration Film Festival (United Nations) 2018

Glasgow International Film Festival Scotland Premiere 2018 

Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival Ireland Premiere 2018

Socially Relevant Film Festival New York City – Opening Film 2018


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The CinefestOZ Film Prize 2018

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