Little Old One

2018, 7.42mins

Hedaya and her young sister have lost their home, friends and brother in the battle of Darraya. They have found safety as refugees in Istanbul but Hedaya being the only Turkish speaker member of the family has to act as translator and head of family for her unemployed dad.

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This short documentary was made during a SDI workshop in Turkey, organised by the British Council in partnership with Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts.

This film was made as part of Stories, an opportunity for companies wanting to support filmmakers worldwide. Stories is an intensive residential filmmaking laboratory supported by and in collaboration with British Council, during which emerging filmmakers are empowered with the creative and practical tools to examine their sense of identity and nationality through film. To date we have run Stories in Benghazi, Tripoli, Rabat, Dhaka, Karachi and Ramallah. The films produced offer surprising and nuanced insights into these cities through strong, character-led stories.


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