2016, 20mins

Interviewed by the BBC towards the end of her family’s perilous four-year journey from war-torn Syria to Germany, Hamsa’s spirited determination caught the attention of two filmmakers. Beginning a new life in the small German village of Schnega, Hamsa welcomes the filmmakers into her family’s home to tell them their story, revealing how they have adapted to their new surroundings and how the village have worked to welcome them into their community. Hamsa’s radiant smile and boundless love for her children shows the untold story of Syrian refugees searching for a safe place to call home. 

DIRECTORS: Caroline Spearpoint & Miriam Thom

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The film is free and available worldwide for screenings as part of the #hamsathedocumentary movement. There is an accompanying social impact campaign hosted by, which features associated petitions that focus specifically on expediting the resettlement of refugees. Caroline Spearpoint and Miriam Thom are the filmmakers behind FoxWolf Productions andHAMSA. They are providing all organisations, individuals and groups with a package, including an introduction from Hamsa, letter from the filmmakers, posters and questions to begin a discussion and dialogue following the film.


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Interview with Caroline Spearpoint

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