Female Voice

2018, 101mins

Women in Syria have not only borne the brunt of the country’s lengthy civil war, they have been marginalised and rendered invisible, despite their huge contribution to the struggle. Yet, few of the stories are told by them. In this collection of short films presented by the Scottish Documentary Institute in collaboration with the British Council and Bidayyat, female Syrian filmmakers share their experience and perspective being a refugee in neighbouring countries: Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

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Anthology of Films:
• Suspended lives – by: Hiba Zaheer Hamdi
• Homeland – by: Tima Abdul
• My Other Half – by: Hala Al Sayasneh
• Loss – by: Dounia Alatwa
• Home from Home - by: Bayan Agha
• I Felt it Too – by Lamia Aboukhair

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Female Voice