ONE PRECIOUS THING 2015, 5:00 minutes

preguntas para conocer a un hombre que te gusta Murad fled from Syria in 2012 because of the war that befell his city, Ras al-Ain. He was forced to leave his studies of civil engineering and take refuge in the city of Mardin, which lies on the Turkish-Syrian border. He saw nothing in front of him but a land full of ears of wheat. He became a simple farmer, leaving behind his dreams of engineering and his hopes of a decent life in his hometown. To get a copy of your chosen film, please contact Ayaz Ismail at ayaz.ismail90(at) Please cite ‘Moving Worlds, special Refugee Week‘ package in your email so you can pay the discounted screening fee of £20. Don’t forget to check out the complementary  see post-screening resources to help navigate public conversations.

Post-screening Conversation Questions

  1. enter site What makes the narrator’s personal object special? What does it represent?
  2. How does the radio presenter’s voice support the film’s narrative in emphasising the need to flee for one’s life?
  3. How does the short film communicate the state of ‘limbo’ experienced by the protagonist in relation to his personal development journey?
  4. The image of a broken wheat spike is shown twice throughout the film. Why do you think that is?

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