2017, 14 minutes

I Feel It Too Trailer from Scottish Documentary Institute on Vimeo.

Syrian refugee camps are full of young widows finding themselves on foreign land, being sole heads of their households while trying to keep their family together. This short film transports us to a Lebanese camp through the eyes of a young spirited girl, Cidra.

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1. According to the U.N. agency, despite being at a greater risk of abuse and violence, children find ways to cope. How do everyday activities such as cleaning and playing highlight the protagonist’s agency?

2. Millions of underage children are facing precarious living conditions in refugee camps. How does the film communicate human experiences as opposed to faceless statistics?

3. According to Ramzi Haidar, founder of Zakira Image Festival Association, “Children have a genuine way of seeing the world”. What does the film accomplish in portraying life in camp through a child’s eyes?

4. What is your favourite scene and why?


What is creative documentary by Noe Mendelle