2011, 11.27 minutes

In transit through Athens, four women from the Middle East share their stories. They all left their countries at different times in their life and for different reasons. As they preferred not to be identified, only their voices are heard. Throughout the film, the women’s words are interlaced with music and noises from the city to form at the end a new antique chorus. Stories of up-rootedness and contradictory sensations and personal experiences of freedom will gradually echo each other; resonating and interacting with the city of Athens.

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WORLD PREMIERE – Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2017

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Encounters Film Festival – Creative England Showcase, 2017

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Beirut International Film Festival, 2017

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Aesthetica Short Film Festival ASFF, 2017

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Underwire Film Festival, 2017

OFFICIAL SELECTION – London Short Film Festival, 2018


  1. How does the filmmaker challenge the tendency to victimise migrant women and deny them any form of agency, through the presentation of personal narratives?
  2. The film communicates a sense of mobility as the heroine pedals across the city. How does the film’s cinematography communicate the protagonist’s individual navigation of a new life in exile?
  3. “There was one thing my mother taught me before I learnt to eat, before learning how to walk, she taught me to be patient.” What is the role of time and ‘waiting’ in the experience of seeking asylum?
  4. Why do you think the filmmaker chose to not fully show the protagonists and instead focused on capturing only their voices?


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